Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happiness IS NOW

Greed never ends, you will never be satisfied.. 
so pause for a minute and think.. its pointless to keep fighting running in circles..
you see great things and work towards something that you call a dream
remember dream is what you want to do but still havnt pursued 
be satisfied with what you have, cause you will never be satisfied with what you want ,,
:- IcebouL

Satisfaction doesn't mean you have to stop working, it just means
 you don't need to
" if i don't get what i want, i wont be happy "
> its more like your already happy, what you work for is just a little happiness,
but comparatively the happiness what you seek to Find  is not greater than the happiness you are IN right now !!
This actually open up a new topic called "PERSPECTIVE OF VALUE"
which will be covered up in the next post, but to give you a slight overview
i will start with some questions.

1- What will a Rich Dads son know the value of a Gifted Car on his 18 birthday,
What is the value of a 10Rs note to a poor person who doesn't like to beg ?
2- Whats the Value of love for a movie star,
Whats the value of love when your kept locked from the world just because of strict parents?

everyone has different perspectives i don't blame that, iam just asking you to open up and take notice on what you have already

कार  तो ऊसके पास खचर जेसा हय़e << kaar tho uusake pass khachara gesa hye
Exactly !! 
the same way an actor doesn't know were he is already, you will never notice it until you stop and look back.
A study was conducted in CHM college Ulhasnagar, Mumbai with some of my
own friends, we asked a couple of people to write down things  they want on a

Results were all related to money and fame, maybe it was my fault the
study was conducted with commerce students xD
but anyways coming back to the topic people often neglect what they
already have. If i ask you what do you want. you will probably think

for a while and say "You want everything"
Thats Exactly why we are so far from that word "EVERYTHING"

you never know the value of something until its lost
Very easy to say that right, i use it almost everyday now,..... in front of
the mirror xD, why the f^k do you "want" something

You might just shoot an arrow 'like statement' at me, saying
"want" is what makes people DO, Move , etc. Do you think once you know you have 
everything will you stop working "NO !",
 will you stop looking at an un-affordable high heels saying nope "NO !!" ,
 will you look at someones bike and say wish i had that Bike "NO !!!",
will you want a graphic card to play that new game which just launched "NO !!!!"

my theory wont make you lazy it just makes you happy knowing what you 
want is already with you, the rest is your intention if you still want to pursue, there is no harm is working towards a dream if you already know that your already at the peak of happiness

what you think is not yours is already yours,
The  level of happiness you think that can be satisfied with some wordily
thing, is already with you.


Dont Create an illusion that what makes you HAPPY is something that you need to work for,
remember your already happy then put in work.

Now take a deep breath,

Look around,  and say Happiness IS NOW